Topic: The Heart of Worship

Text: 1 Peter 2:9

-Praise is very important in worship. There is blessing, power, victory in praising God.

-Jesus must be the center of our praise. For him to be our focus, he must reign supreme in our hearts before we can express praise of our lips.

*”The heart of worship is not music and song but our hearts and heads engaged in joyful awe of the real Jesus.”

By the heart of worship, we mean that our worship, singing and dancing must not be a routine but a matter of the heart. We should be described by what Jesus says in John 4, worshiping God in spirit and truth as true worshippers.

1 Peter 2 draws our attention to God to whom we must ascribe our new life, not to our excellence. We must behold him as our source. We have to appreciate God and his excellence. Psalm 103. We must bless the Lord from our heart.

The idea of true worship suggests that God requires more than going through the motions like on Sunday. We must not elevate activities as the standard while living a sinful or God free life. God cannot be mocked.

We must never equate noise with true praise and worship. True praise is the melody produced from the heart that is consecrated to Christ. A non-consecrated heart cannot produce a sacrifice of praise. Heb 13:15

The essence and purpose of our regeneration is served when our lives become one block of worship. That is allowing Jesus to have preeminence, being the first choice before any other. God has already blessed us and will bless us more as we consecrate ourselves. You must deal with the flesh.

As we yield our hearts to Jesus, it becomes easy to yield our money, time, etc. True worship empasses every area of our lives.

Let us exhibit maturity in worship. Our worship and our praise of God must not be due to our feelings, what God has done or not done.

Conclusion: No doubt our God is the most benevolent God and as you worship him, he will bless you. If he has brought us to this month, never doubt that he will make provision. Just make him the center our worship so that as you come rejoicing, helping those in need, that is true worship. Christ must be at the center of our lives. God will never forget your labor and your giving

  – Pastor Dele Salewon